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Are you looking for proficient and expert retaining wall construction services in Marin County? Golden Restoration and Construction offers clients reliable and affordable services. Our engineers and other dedicated staffs find remarkable solutions for new and already existing homes in Marin County. When your landscape needs structural hold up for retaining wall, it is critical to have one that is durable and stable- permanently. The professionals at Golden install your retaining wall for functionality; also make your landscape aesthetic and eye-catching. We also repair and redesign the existing retaining walls to make them more functional and beautiful.

Affordable and aesthetic retaining wall systems for Marin County clients

We have mastered in constructing a range of options for our local clients, including concrete sleeper walls and block retaining walls. We also avail a range of materials, such as concrete blocks, poured concrete walls, bricks and woods retaining walls. We are prominent retaining wall Construction Company in Marin County and known for our ability to build structures using different materials precisely depending upon customers’ specific needs. So, if you need a construction company who is capable of using a specific material not mentioned above or any other similar website, simply give us a call and professional at Golden Restoration and Construction will be happy to assist you to find a solution that meets your budget.

Our comprehensive variety of retaining wall services

We are committed to offering our customers with an exceptional and aesthetic design that is focused on durability, functions and better return on investment. A well-constructed retaining wall won’t just create more usable space; it also adds value to your home. With Golden’s excellent services, you can reclaim unused spaces and make your backyard or garden more functional and beautiful. We can build structures for:

  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Subfloor Rooms and Cellars
  • Cribs walls
  • Pool surrounds areas
  • Commercial construction
  • Residential reinforcements
  • Landscape design

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Connect with Golden Restoration and Construction to execute your idea into reality, whether you have your own blueprint of your project or looking for one, we can help you to construct your dream into reality. If you want to sit back and relax, we can manage your projects and strictly imply your idea to construct your dream project. With over a decade in restoration and construction industry, Golden Restoration and Construction offers the optimal solution to construct your house or improve the existing one. Give us a call on 415-382-8648 or drop your mail.