Are you looking for proficient and expert retaining wall construction services in Marin County? Golden Restoration and Construction is right here to construct incredible retaining walls to add perfect visual interest to your property. Whether you want to reconstruct your retaining wall or seeking a trusted contractor for new constructions, our contractors can offer remarkable solutions for homes in Marin County.

When your landscape needs a strong structural hold up for retaining wall, it is critical to have one that is
durable and stable- permanently. The professionals at Golden install your retaining wall for excellent
functionality; also make your landscape aesthetic and eye-catching.


Affordable Retaining Wall Design and Installation Services

We have mastered in constructing a range of retaining walls including concrete sleeper walls and block
retaining walls. To ensure your property a string hold, we strive to use a range of materials, such as
concrete blocks, poured concrete walls, bricks and woods retaining walls.

A retaining wall designed and constructed by Golden will be beneficial in leveling off a sloping area of
your landscape. Our beautifully constructed retaining walls add an element of beauty and increase the
market value of your home and commercial property. With decades of experience in constructing
retaining walls, our experts can easily construct the wall of any size and scope and can customize a wall
to suit your requirements.

Our Comprehensive Range of Retaining Wall Services

We are committed to offering our customers a broad portfolio of retaining wall services focused on
durability, functionality and ensure a better return on investment. A well-constructed retaining wall
won’t just create a functional space but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. With
Golden’s excellent services, you can reclaim unused spaces and make your backyard or garden more
functional and beautiful. We are majorly into:

  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Subfloor Rooms and Cellars
  • Cribs walls
  • Pool surrounds areas
  • Commercial construction
  • Residential reinforcements
  • Landscape design

Contact Us For Best Retaining Wall Novato CA

We understand your needs and can turn your dreams into reality. Whether you have any concept for
your backyard or looking for one, Golden Restoration and Construction can virtually present you the
the idea to help you understand what exactly you will get before the engineers bring it all together.

With over a decade in the restoration and construction industry, Golden Restoration and Construction
offers the optimal solution to construct your house or improve the existing one. Give us a call on 415-
382-8648 or drop your mail.